Easy project collaboration and tracking in MS Project. No need for the Server.

PlanBridge is an add-in for Microsoft Project which helps a project manager to organize distribution and collection of project data. This is the solution for project communications that does not require use of a corporate network or powerful servers. PlanBridge allows the manager to exchange a project information with its participants simply, by means of unique mechanism of data export/import from MS Project to Excel.

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Exchange between
MS Project and Excel

For every stage of your project, specify the slices of information about the project you want to send to team members or contractors, and what data you want to receive from them. Send the Exchange Documents generated by PlanBridge to the participants, or publish the documents in a network folder. Import updated documents you receive from them back into the project, and track its progress.

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Resource Columns

Select the most important resources in your project and set up automated linking of their assignments to the task fields. Display the fields in columns of MS Project Gantt chart view. You do not need to drill down into the Task Usage view!

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Physical Volumes

Physical Volume of a task in a construction project is a measure of the task's progress represented by material resource assignment. You can take the volume from a report by technical supervisor on construction site, and enter it into a Resource Column. As a result of clicking just one button on the PlanBridge ribbon, percent complete of all the tasks in your project will be recalculated according to their physical volumes. Manage Earned Value easier!

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